My electric car’s range has reduced, what can Indra do about this?

Our Vehicle Integration Team can replace a degraded Nissan LEAF battery from 24kWh to 24kWh for £6500, please contact us.

I would like to know the regeneration options on my battery, is it something Indra do?

We do not regenerate batteries, only upgrade/swap them.

How long does it take to do a battery swap?

Indra will quote you for 16 hours on a standard battery swap.

Do Indra do vehicle conversion kits?

Unfortunately, Indra do not supply kits for individual conversions, this is due to every car model needing a unique conversion. This can be made an exception if you are enquiring about a conversion to a vehicle model we have done in the past, or if you are looking for a large scale conversion.

I have a vehicle that I’d like to have converted to electric, is this something Indra can do?

This is certainly something that we do at Indra, but only for business customers at the moment. Please send a detailed email to EVServices@indra.co.uk to see if we can help you!

Can Indra install an additional battery pack?

It is a possibility that we could add an additional battery pack, however it all depends on the vehicle.

Have an issue not listed?

Please enquire to see if we can help you today or for more information on any of these subjects.