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Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) Chargers

At Indra, we’re pioneering bidirectional electric vehicle (EV) charging technology that is designed to help you save money and the planet by using surplus energy stored in your electric car or van to help power your home.

Vehicle to home

Pioneering technology

Our vehicle-to-home (V2H) proposition is the evolution of our world-leading bidirectional charging technology.  

V2H technology can help you save up to £200 a month on your energy bills. It is also a game changer for helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

We were the first to successfully demonstrate large-scale domestic vehicle-to-grid technology in the ground-breaking Project Sciurus V2G trial. We are now running a large-scale V2H trial to learn more about the benefits of this technology.

Got questions? Read our Frequently-asked-questions. 

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How it works

V2H allows for two-way power flows between your home and your electric vehicle (EV). This means as well as charging your EV as normal, you can use the energy stored in your EV battery to power your home when it makes sense to do so. With our V2H charger, your EV essentially becomes your own personal energy storage facility. V2H can help save money on your energy bill and reduce carbon emissions.

For homes without solar panels

If you are on a dual-rate tariff, V2H allows you to take advantage of the price difference that exists between your peak and off-peak tariff rates.



Using your EV’s battery to power your home at peak times allows you to avoid paying high energy prices from the grid, at times when the grid uses the most fossil fuels. The V2H charger will dynamically adjust its power output to match the power needs of your home.


You can charge your EV later during off-peak hours when electricity is greener and cheaper.

For homes with solar panels

If you have solar panels, our V2H charger can help make the best use of your locally produced renewable energy.



Typically, half of the solar power you generate is sent to the grid. Rather than send surplus solar energy that isn’t needed by your home back to the grid, our charger can adjust its charging rate so the excess solar you are generating is sent to your EV’s battery.


When the sun stops shining, the energy you generated and stored from your solar panels can be discharged to power your home.

Vehicle to home

Learnings from large-scale V2H trial

We have launched a large-scale V2H trial, further strengthening our position as a pioneer of domestic bi-directional electric vehicle (EV) charging.

The trial launched in Autumn 2022 with hundreds of participants and will run until 2024. The trial will help us gather real-world data to refine our V2H solution for the mass-market.  

Mike Schooling, Indra’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), comments:

“Since launching the world’s first domestic V2G charger in 2018, Indra has been involved in several leading trials to develop bi-directional charging technology and broaden its capabilities. Connecting the vehicle to the grid is an intelligent use of energy but the ability to draw surplus power from an electric vehicle via V2H technology and use it in the home is a game-changer – and where the biggest savings can be achieved in today’s energy market."

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Helping you save

Save on energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by supplying energy from your EV to your home at peak times.
Solar Icon
Store solar energy in your vehicle battery for use later, manage your demand profile and reduce your dependence on the grid.
Our V2H chargers are Nissan Approved and CHAdeMO certified.
Come rain or shine, these bidirectional chargers can handle the elements and continue to perform at an optimum level all year round.
We proudly design, manufacture and support V2H chargers from our HQ in beautiful Malvern, Worcestershire.
Quickly start a boost charge remotely or on the unit.


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+ Can I buy a V2H charger?

Not at present. Only those on the trial (now closed to new applicants) can currently purchase a V2H unit. We are working hard to bring to market our V2H technology. Join our mailing list to be kept up to date with developments.

+ How is V2H different from Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)?

V2H is similar to V2G in the sense that both involve bidirectional power flows to and from your EV’s battery.

V2G refers to exporting power back to the national grid from your EV’s battery, whereas with V2H, the energy in your EV battery is used solely to meet the energy needs of your home. For the V2H trial, the charger will be optimised to avoid exporting power back to the grid.

+ How much money will I save?

Exact financial benefits from V2H will vary depending on various factors including your household electricity consumption, the driving profile of your EV(s), how long your EV is plugged in, your electricity tariff and what other technologies installed you have at home (e.g. solar panels). Based on early real-world findings for a household with high electricity usage (2 EVs, solar panels, heat pump) we have recorded savings of up to £200 per month are achievable.

+ How quick can I charge / discharge?

The charger can charge and discharge at a rate of up to 6 kW.

+ Will the system be able to supply the house with power in the event of the grid going off? Is there safe isolation from the grid in these circumstances?

In accordance with technical regulations the charger will disconnect in a power outage, and will not be capable of supplying power to the house.

+ Does your V2H system allow me to collect solar energy?

Yes, our charger will allow you to charge your EV battery with any surplus power that may be generated by your solar panels.

+ When can I buy a V2H charger?

Currently, our V2H chargers are only being used as part of our V2H trial and are not commercially available. We expect this to change in the future. Sign up to our V2H mailing list and we will let you know as soon as they are going to be on sale.

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