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If you want your customers to have best-in-class EV chargers installed then you've found your perfect partner.


We work with some of the world's most innovative brands

The perfect partnership

Trusted by leading energy brands, we work closely with our partners to put smart charging technology at the heart of their EV offering.

Whether you're looking to co-brand your EV solution, or find a technology partner that adds power to your own brand, we have the expertise to deliver your EV charging ambitions.

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Why work with Indra?

A complete EV charging ecosystem

Partner with Indra to deliver your customers a fully integrated EV charging solution that will enable them to save money and the planet.

Connecting vehicle, home and grid is the key to our best-in-class charging hardware and software. Underpinned by our award-winning smart charging technology, we pride ourselves on developing outstanding, reliable product that is smart by nature and intuitive by design.


Together OVO and Indra have been leading the way since partnering in the world's largest domestic Vehicle-to-Grid charger trial, helping over 300 EV drivers save on average up to £800 per year. As experts in the industry, Indra have helped us launch game changing new propositions and help households across the UK transition seamlessly to electric vehicles.
Alex Thwaites, Head of Zero Carbon Living at OVO Energy

We know the ropes

We’ve been pioneers in the EV charger market since 2013 (that’s a lifetime in the EV sector!). And in that time built an enviable reputation for pushing the boundaries of EV charging technology. We're currently leading the way in tech that will allow car drivers to use their EV car's battery to power their homes.

Add to this the fact that the energy sector is in our DNA. We were spun out of a leading UK energy supplier and are able to draw on a deep understanding of the sector’s opportunities and challenges.

Your customers will love you

Our best-in-class App gives your customers full control over their charging. Out of the box, it ensures customers charge their car when its cheapest and greenest. What’s more, they’ll get EV chargers with a zero failure rate in-the-field failure, an industry-leading 5 year warranty and UK-based customer support staff.

The incredible possibilities for smart chargers

Hold onto your hats. Smart charging is about to change the world.

At Indra, we’ll soon be launching technology that will allow your EV to act like a battery for your home. It will be able to store spare energy from sustainable sources (like solar) and release it back for you to use whenever you need it.

You might even be able to sell your energy back to the grid, and earn money from your EV. That’s pretty cool, right?

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We have the expertise to deliver your EV charging ambitions. Contact our Partnership Manager to find out where we could take your brand. 

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Making energy smarter
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