Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Chargers

Reduce your energy bills and support a low carbon future with the world’s first domestic bi-directional chargers.

How V2G technology works

V2G technology is a game-changer in smart energy management as it not only enables users to import energy into their electric car or van when it is cheapest for them to do so and use it when they want, but they can also export any surplus energy back to the grid —and be paid for it. The car battery essentially becomes your own personal energy storage facility.

The idea of Vehicle-to-Grid charging is rooted in smart charging principles, enabling you to increase and decrease the charging of your car depending on when you need to use it. However, V2G also allows any surplus power accumulated in your vehicle to be sold back to the grid from your car battery, which is ideal for assisting the grid in balancing the energy load at peak times.

This two-way method of distributing energy is an eco-friendly solution designed to reduce CO2 emissions, stabilise the grid and support a more renewable future.

 Keep your wheels turning and the planet spinning

At Indra we have developed the first domestic Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charger – an intelligent charging unit that channels energy in both directions between the grid, your home (or place of work) and your vehicle. Currently in beta trials, our Vehicle-to-Grid technology is a game changer for enabling electric car and van (EV) owners to manage their energy use and reduce their energy costs.

We were also the first to successfully demonstrate large-scale domestic Vehicle-to- Grid (V2G) technology in a real-world project. With over 1,000 V2X units manufactured, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of this world-leading green tech.

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V2G charger features

Save on energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by supplying energy from your EV to your home at peak times.
Store solar energy in your vehicle battery for use later, saving on energy costs, reducing CO2 emissions, and manage your demand profile.
Our V2G chargers are Nissan Approved and CHAdeMO certified.
Come rain or shine, these bidirectional chargers can handle the elements and continue to perform at an optimum level all year round.
We proudly design, manufacture and support V2G chargers from our HQ in beautiful Malvern, Worcestershire.
You can provide energy to an electric vehicle and supply energy from the vehicle to the grid or a building.
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