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November 29, 2023

Indra wins Chargepoint Manufacturer of the Year Award

Indra was crowned Domestic Chargepoint Manufacturer of the Year at the Electric Vehicle Innovation & Excellence (EVIE) Awards in a central London ceremony on 21 November 2023.

Indra beat off competition from the likes of Ohme, Zaptek and Hypervolt to scoop the prestigious accolade. The EVIE Awards judges praised Indra’s ability to launch quality products whilst investing in next-gen projects.

Receiving the award on behalf of Indra was Leighton King, Indra’s Chief Commercial Officer. He says of the win;

“I am incredibly proud that Indra has been recognised at the EVIE Awards. It's a great result for the whole team that has worked so hard to produce market-leading EV charging products since Indra started out in 2013.

"It was also great to see so many leaders in the industry represented at the event and we were delighted that many of our partners also received awards for the amazing work they are doing in this exciting and fast-paced industry."

As well as taking home the Chargepoint Manufacturer award, Indra was also a finalist in two other categories. The recently-launched Indra Smart LUX™ made the shortlist in the ‘Product of the Year’ (Domestic) category whilst Indra’s founder and Chief Product Officer, Mike Schooling, made it to the finals in the ‘Special Recognition - Person’ category.

2023 - A big year for Indra

2023 has been a big year for Indra with a major new product launch and the official start of the world’s largest V2H trial.

April saw the launch of the innovative Indra Smart LUX™, the slimmest home EV charger on the market. Complete with all the smart functionality of the Indra Smart PRO, the compact Smart LUX™ comes in a choice of four colours and a unique light sequence that enables users to quickly understand the charger status. Its class-leading features include integration with the cheapest and greenest tariffs, including specialist EV tariffs, off peak and Agile tariffs, unlocking potential annual savings* of up to £830 for Indra customers, compared with other home charger brands. Cost savings for drivers can reach nearly £1,400 per year when compared with the cost of fuelling a petrol vehicle.

Indra’s ground-breaking V2H trial has seen hundreds of people across the UK trialling its cutting-edge prototype bidirectional EV charger. The charger effectively enables trialists to use their electric vehicles as ‘batteries on wheels’, unlocking the potential for trialists to save hundreds of pounds a month on their energy savings by charging up their car when electricity prices are low, storing that power in their car’s battery and then using it to power their homes when grid electricity prices are higher. Early results suggest that savings of up to £200 a month are possible.

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