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April 12, 2024

Indra partners with Surrey County Council on kerbside electric vehicle charging trial

Leading electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturer, Indra, has announced its involvement in a new trial with Surrey County Council to test the feasibility of kerbside EV charging solutions.

With 40% of households in Surrey estimated to be without access to a driveway at home, the Council sought out alternative options for EV drivers and has recently launched a new trial to test the effectiveness of two kerbside EV charging solutions.

The trial, one of the first in the UK, will connect drivers without access to off-street parking to a source of energy which will enable them to charge at home, without the need for a driveway.

Following a successful tender process, Indra was selected to support the trial and will be supplying its Smart PRO EV charger for installation at 30 terraced homes in Surrey.

Developed and engineered by Indra’s team of experts, the Smart PRO enables drivers to charge when it's cheapest and best for the planet. With its compatibility with all types of energy tariffs, including the latest innovative “type of use” tariffs,” the Smart PRO guarantees drivers cost-effective charging for their EVs.

Plus, as part of the trial, residents will have access to Indra’s industry-leading app where they can manage their charging history, set their charging schedule, and much more.

Once installed, Indra’s Smart PRO charger will be paired with pavement gullies provided by Kerbo Charge and ODS that will be installed into pavements outside triallists’ homes.

The gullies recently received investment from Deborah Meaden following an appearance on BBC TV's Dragon’s Den and enable EV drivers to extend their charging cables from their home to their car parked on the street

Steve Frost, National Sales Manager at Indra, is leading on the trial partnership at Indra. He commented:

“At Indra, our mission is to develop renewable energy technologies that will help the UK reach Net Zero — a key aspect of which is the mass adoption of EVs across the UK.

“I’m delighted to announce our partnership with Surrey County Council on this exciting new trial. We’re excited to play our part in this important trial and improve the accessibility of EV charging for residents in Surrey, alongside our friends at Kerbo Charge.”

Michael Goulden, Co-founder of Kerbo Charge, also commented:

“This new trial marks the latest rollout of our Kerbo Charge gullies across the UK, aimed at encouraging greater adoption of electric vehicles.

“Recognising the challenges of transitioning to electric when public charging is costly and inconvenient has been a key factor in getting these trials over the line, which is why we're working with Surrey County Council to introduce our through-pavement EV cable channel to residents in the area.

“Along with Indra's innovative smart chargers, this trial enables Surrey residents to conveniently charge their EVs at home, benefit from cheaper charging costs, and help to reduce carbon emissions."

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