Indra-dex 2023

A comprehensive survey into UK driver attitudes towards electric vehicles (EVs)

The Indra-dex is a report into UK driver attitudes towards electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging and electrification.

This includes insight into what drivers think about petrol and diesel vehicles, EVs and the emerging bidirectional charging technology. 

As more people are taking the leap towards electric vehicles, our national survey tracks driver attitudes to, and opinions of, this emerging world of electrification. 

We also share our vison of how bidirectional charging technology will change the way we use our cars and energy in the next ten years.

Download our Indra-dex report for free.

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Indra's 2033 Vision

Watch our 2033 Vision animation to get a taste of what the future could look like as bidirectional charging transforms people’s EVs into mobile batteries on wheels, enabling owners to harness, store and use or trade greener, cheaper energy. 

Making energy smarter
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