Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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The smart choice for EV brands

If you want your customers to have best-in-class EV chargers installed then you've just found your perfect partner. 

We work with some of the world's most innovative automotive brands

Pioneering partnerships

Chosen by leading automotive brands for our reliable smart charging technology, we offer a range of partnership packages.

Whether you're looking to co-brand your charger offering, or find a technology partner that puts your brand in the driving seat, we have the expertise to deliver your e-mobility aspirations.

Speak to our partnership manager to find out where we could take your brand.

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Why work with Indra?

Safe hands at the wheel

We’ve been at the forefront of the UK charging industry since 2013, which means we understand your needs and have a proven track record in delivering innovative smart charging technology you can trust.

But don't take our word for it - our partnerhips with leading automotive brands speak for themselves.

Mobilize Power Solutions chose Indra not only because it provides the smartest solution on the market today, but because it’s continuously researching new ways of balancing the cost of running an electric vehicle, whilst enhancing the customer experience. This, combined with our knowledge of the electric vehicle sector and charging infrastructure, means that we are confident our offering is ahead of other home charging solutions on the market.
Mark Dickens, Managing Director of Mobilize Power Solutions UK

Best-in-class products and service

Our award-winning technology delivers best-in-class charging hardware and software for outstanding product reliability and feature-rich, intuitve technology.

Loved by EV drivers and installers alike, our tried and tested customer-journey offering is in a class of its own. Backed-up by our UK-based support team for first or second-line support, we help drive exceptional customer service.

Deliver at scale

As a customer-centric company, we work closely with our partners to understand their smart charging ambitions.

Whether you are looking for a smart charging solution for your existing company fleet, or an innovative solution to meet your future charging aspirations, we have the design, R&D, engineering and manufacturing operations to meet your needs.

The incredible possibilities for smart chargers

At Indra, we're developing tomorrow's technology today, which will revolutionise how you see and drive your electric vehicle.

Bidirectional charging technology enables drivers to download and store cheaper and greener energy when it is available, and then use it to power the home or office when needed, or even sell it back to the grid.

Hold onto your hats. Smart charging is changing the world - and we're just getting started!


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We have the expertise to deliver your EV charging ambitions. Contact our Partnership Manager to find out where we could take your brand. 

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