Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Privacy policy

Hello, we are Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd (known by the name of “Indra Renewables” or just “Indra”). Here is a summary of how we process and protect your data and respect your privacy.

For further information please contact us.

Types of data we collect

  • Contact details
  • Account information
  • Financial information
  • Data about your energy usage
  • Data that identifies you and other people
  • Data on how you use Indra Renewable
  • Technologies Ltd services
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How we use your data

  • To provide you with services to keep your car battery charged
  • To keep Indra running
  • To help us improve Indra
  • To give personalised customer support and information
  • To send you marketing messages (but only if you tell us to)
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Third parties who process your data

The following are examples of services that help us keep Indra running by storing or processing your data:

  • Infrastructure: Microsoft
  • Communications: Mailchimp
  • Financial: GoCardless, PayPal
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Integrations: (by your request) Facebook
  • Industry Partners: Our network of installers
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Know your rights

Your rights include;

  • Access to information we hold on you
  • Have your data corrected
  • Opt-out of marketing communications
  • Port your data to another service
  • Be forgotten by Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd
  • Complain about us
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When and how we collect data

We collect data from people browsing our website, people chatting to us online, social media or on the phone, customers of Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd and people who use our services such as refer a friend.

Sometimes you provide us with data, sometimes data about you is collected automatically or provided to us by the energy industry. Here is a visual representation that explains when and how we do this.

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We use cookies

  • Why? We use necessary cookies to run and improve the service to you.
  • Our third-party service providers use cookies too, which they control.
  • You can turn off cookies, but this will mean for example that we will not recognise you online or we are unable to resolve issues as efficiently.
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Full Privacy Policy

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