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Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Kerbo Charge

Indra works with Kerbo Charge to help unlock home charging for people without off street parking

About Indra's partnership with Kerbo Charge

Indra is working with Kerbo Charge to provide a home EV charging solution for those without off street parking. 

It's estimated that one third of UK homes do not have off-street parking and so innovative solutions are required to bring the benefits of EV home charging to these households. 

British start-up Kerbo Charge offers a solution to this dilemma by providing a self-closing cable channel that is set into the pavement. This allows EV drivers to run a charging cable from their property without creating a trip hazard.  

As well as installing the gulley, Kerbo Charge also takes care of getting the relevant permissions from local authorities. 

For customers wanting a complete EV charging package, Kerbo Charge pairs its pavement gulley solutions with Indra's Smart Range of EV chargers.


About Kerbo Charge

Kerbo Charge was founded in 2021 on the basis of a shared frustration of how difficult it is to charge your car at home, in a crowded urban area like London.

The company enables EV owners to charge their car even if they don't have a drive.

Kerbo Charge created a slim and flexible polymer channel with a self-closing lid. It is installed into the pavement outside a resident's home, and the lid sits flush with the pavement. When the resident wishes to charge, they lift the lid, drop the cable in, and connect to a wall-mounted charger attached to the front of their house.

The patent pending self-closing lid snaps down shut behind the charging cable as it is inserted and removed.

Kerbo Charge is now live in eight local authories across the UK and is adding local authorities all the time. You can find out whether your local authority is a Kerbo Charge area here.

Kerbo Charge aim to have a 75% market share of the cable channel market by 2026 and be operating in at least five other countries by that time. 


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