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August 25, 2023

Top tips on becoming an EV charge point installer

We spoke with Indra's Business Development Manager Niall Johnston to find out his top tips for becoming an EV charge point installer.

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for electricians specialising in EV charge point installations is higher than ever.

In this role, Niall also works closely with Indra’s Approved Installers.

We spoke with Niall to find out his top tips for installers looking to enter this fast-accelerating industry, and how they can make the most of this opportunity to level up their skillset.

1) Invest in your training

“It goes without saying that investing in training is important for kicking off your career and helping you to become a well-rounded, knowledgeable electrician. Once you’ve gained that knowledge, you can specialise in EV charging installation, which requires a few additional skills that may not be taught in traditional electrical work.

At Indra, we offer a free dedicated training programme to ensure electricians can fit our products safely, competently, and consistently in any home setting.

Once qualified, you receive best-in-class support, exclusive installation leads and preferential installer pricing terms, giving you that added boost as you begin your career as an EV Charge point installer.”

2) Understand your product inside out

“It's important to become an expert when it comes to your product to provide best-in-class service for your customers. Study your product’s features and technical specifications thoroughly so that you have all the knowledge and can answer any of your customer’s queries.

You should be able to answer any question in regard to the product’s installation or hardware, so you can provide a more valuable service and sell the solution to anyone interested.

EVs and EV chargers are a relatively new territory for a lot of consumers, so being able to provide useful and credible information will make you indispensable to employers, and will leave your customers feeling reassured and satisfied.”

3) Get up to scratch with compliance and regulatory updates

“To provide an industry-leading service to your customers, you should always read up on the latest compliance and regulatory updates.

Trust is critical in the industry and customers want to know they can feel safe with tradespeople in their homes and be confident that the job will be done well.

We recommend taking the time to brush up on your technical know-how to provide a service that not only meets the industry requirements and follows the best practices but goes above and beyond consumer expectations.”

4) Make the most of your digital skills

“These days, most electricians are pretty tech-savvy, having grown up in the age of smartphones, computers, and social media.

A large amount of EV charge point installation is app-controlled and software driven, so you can use your innate digital knowledge to your advantage here.

The combination of a well-established digital skillset and specific, product knowledge will make learning the installation process easier and swifter, as well as making you an expert when it comes to EV charger installation.”

5) Network with peers and competitors

“Engaging with others in the EV space is a great way to build your knowledge about products and learn more about trending industry topics.

Whilst you can learn a lot from your peers and competitors, you will also be able to identify opportunities for sub-contract work.

Utilising social media is a sure-fire way to do this and to attract new customers. It helps you to get your name out there by showcasing your stellar install jobs and demonstrating your new installation skills.”

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