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Installation FAQs

Answers to your questions about installation and ordering.

+ What do I need at home before installation?

What you need at home in order to install an Indra charger

Your installation engineer can advise on all of the below:

  • A wall that’s somewhat sheltered from the elements
  • A parking space nearby
  • An internet connection. This can be by an ethernet cable to your router, or using your wi-fi connection. If an internet connection is not available there is a 4G data option

+ Do I need a driveway or garage?

Yes, you need off street parking so that the charger can be attached to your home and the charger cable doesn’t cross a public pavement and become a trip hazard.

+ How do I find an installer?

Professional installation

Your Indra charger should always be installed by an Indra approved professional. We work with a range of carefully selected partners who can take care of every aspect of your installation.

It normally takes around 2-4 hours for your charger to be installed and the installation can be arranged at a time that’s convenient to you.

An installation engineer will need to do a pre-install inspection of your property in order to give you a quote, check your electrical and Wi-Fi systems, and advise on where’s best to install your Indra charger.

Find an Indra approved installer

+ How long does installation take?

Installation normally takes around 2-4 hours and can be arranged at a time that’s convenient to you.

+ Where should I put my charger?

Your installation engineer can advise on the best location for your charger.

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