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Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Using the Indra App

Get the lowdown on what the powerful Indra App can do - from how to save money and carbon with every charge and tracking your charging history to setting flexible charging schedules by miles, kWh or cost.

+ What the app can do

  • Set up a regular charging schedule
  • Show you how to make the most of your lower-rate electricity tariff
  • Choose how much charge you want to put in (by energy, miles or money)
  • Tell you how long you need to charge for to get the charge level you want
  • Track your charging history to see how much off peak, peak and solar energy you are using to charge
  • Start a boost charge from your phone, if your EV is already plugged in
Checking your battery level from the app. It’s important to know that your charger doesn’t communicate directly with your EV, and your EV won’t tell your charger how full your battery actually is. The charger can’t override any settings your EV already has in place.

Once your EV stops accepting any more charge, the charger will assume it is full, and will automatically stop charging.


+ Getting set up

The first time you open the Indra App, you’ll be asked to set up your charger. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

We’ll ask you information about yourself, your EV and your electricity supplier and tariff. Having this information means we can calculate your charging times, electricity usage and spend correctly, which will enable you to optimise your smart charging. If you skip any steps in the set-up stage, you can do them later via the settings section.

You can still charge your EV without going through the set-up process, but you won’t be making the most of your charger’s advanced features.

Info we'll need about your EV
  • Vehicle name (the nickname you want to call it in the app)
  • Numberplate (we’ll use this to find out more about your vehicle, such as its make and model)
Info we'll need about your electricity supplier

Telling us about your electricity supplier and your tariff means we can help you charge at the most efficient times for you. By providing your electricity rate, we can not only calculate and show you how much you’re spending, but you can also set the amount of money you want to spend on a charging session (e.g. adding £5-worth of charge to your car). We will ask you for details on:

  • Who your supplier is
  • Name of your tariff
  • What kind of tariff you have
  • What the unit (kWh) price is for your electricity
  • Tariff end date (if you have one)
All this information can be found on your bill. Get help with finding tariff and pricing info. (insert link).


Setting up scheduling and smart charging

Use the Indra App to set up a regular charging schedule. You can choose regular slots throughout the week and the charger will automatically start charging during those times, as long as your EV is plugged in.

The app enables you to set the times and days/nights you want to charge and also how much energy to add (by miles, kWh or amount of money).

If you have more than one electricity tariff rate (e.g. peak and off-peak), you can set up smart charging to charge your vehicle as much as possible during your lower rate period.

Your lower-rate period by itself might not give you enough time to charge your vehicle as full as you want by the time that you want it. You may need to charge during your peak rate as well. The scheduling section can show you what’s possible and when’s best to start charging.


Default schedules

Your charger will come with a default charging schedule, as required by government legislation. This schedule is designed to reduce power demand at peak times and protect the national grid. But it might not be the best charging schedule for your needs, so we recommend you set up your own schedule once your charger is installed.


+ Using your charging history data

You can view your charging history on the Indra App, which gives you a handy way to track your usage over time.

Here’s some things your charging history can help you monitor:

  • How much off-peak and peak time power you’re using
  • How much you’ve spent on charging
  • What kind of tariff you have
  • How much solar power you’ve been able to use (if you have solar panels installed)
  • How your usage changes over time

This kind of data can help you calculate how best to schedule your charging so that you can maximise efficiency and possibly even reduce your electricity bill.

Calculating VAT

On your electricity bill, VAT is not included in your electricity unit price or standing charge - it’s added as a separate line item instead. This means that the rate you tell us to calculate your usage with, will not include VAT either. However, as you will pay VAT on that usage, we automatically add it to your charging data to give you a more accurate account of what you’re spending on charging your vehicle.

+ Notifications

We’d like to send you notifications about your charging status. You can choose which notifications you want to receive as well as how and when you want to receive them. This is something you have complete control over, and we promise to never send you unwanted messages.

There are three types of notification:

  • push notifications (which go direct to your phone)
  • in-app notifications (which pop up while you’re using the app)
  • emails

Notifications you can choose to receive include:

  • Vehicle plugged in
  • Charging started
  • Charging finished
  • Charging error
  • Charger error
Turning off notifications

You can turn off or adjust your notifications in the app’s settings section.

How push notifications appear on your phone is up to you - you can adjust this in your phone’s settings.

If you opt to receive push notifications, you can set up a ‘do not disturb’ schedule in the app, so you don’t get sent messages in the middle of the night.

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