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Introducing Smart LUX™, our latest and most advanced EV charger Find Out More

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Charger FAQs

Answers to questions about your charger unit

+ How do I 'lock' my charger?

Locking your charger

If you want to protect your charger from people using it without your permission, you can ‘lock’ it using the Indra App. When the charger is locked, it cannot be used, even in boost mode, until it’s been unlocked again. Simply go into the settings section of this app and toggle the ‘lock charger’ switch.

If your charging cable is locked in your vehicle’s charging socket, you will need to disconnect the cable using your vehicle app or in-vehicle controls.

+ Can my charger be hacked?


Your cybersecurity is a key priority. Your charger has inbuilt encryption and other advanced security technology to protect your charger (and your home) from hackers. Indra’s cybersecurity team is constantly adapting and strengthening our protocols, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

+ What do the lights on my charger mean?

The indicator lights

Your charger has a number of differently coloured LED lights, which quickly help you to see your charging status.

The main light at the top is the Primary Status LED, which will tell you the operational state and mode.

Primary indicator lights and what they mean
Light colour
What it means
  • White

    Smart mode. The charger is ready to charge, using the schedule you’ve set.

  • Blue

    Boost mode. You have overridden any scheduled charge to start charging immediately.

  • Yellow

    Solar Match mode. The charger is ready to use power from your solar panels, once there is solar power available.

If you're seeing red, purple, or no lights at all, there may be a problem.

Charging status indicators

The 4 smaller white lights below are the charging status indicators. Here's what they mean:

Lights showing
What it means
  • No lights

    Your EV is not connected

  • Lights cycling downwards

    Charging is underway

  • Solid lights

    Charging is available, but your EV is not accepting any power. This may be because it is already fully charged.

  • All flashing

    The charger is connected to your EV but it is not actively charging at this time. It may be waiting to start a scheduled charge.

  • Green

    The charger is not currently charging, but the EV is connected and a charging session has been scheduled.

  • Flashing Green

    The installation engineer has triggered the Fixed Calibration Load function as part of the charger's set-up process. This will only be seen by the installer during installation.

Diagnosing a problem

The indicator lights on the front of your charger will tell you when there's a problem

What it means & what to do next
  • Red

    The charger has a fault. Turn the charger off for 30 seconds. When you restart it, wait 30 seconds. If the indicator light switches to white, the problem has cleared itself. If it stays red, get in touch with customer support. Learn how to do a restart.

  • Purple, solid

    The charger is powering up and running its start-up sequence, this will last for about 30 seconds. Do not plug your EV in to the charger while the purple light is on. Wait for the light to turn white, then plug in your EV. You’re good to go.

  • Purple, flashing

    The charger is having trouble connecting to the internet. Check all the cables connecting to your internet router are plugged in properly. Are other devices able to connect to your internet? Try turning the router off and restarting your charger. If that doesn’t fix the problem, get in touch with customer support. If you know your charger is using wifi to connect to your router, you might need to pair it again. To do this, please follow the steps outlined below. Reboot your Wi-Fi router. If your router has a reset button use this, or alternatively switch it off at the mains for 1 minute and then switch it back on again. Locate the WPS button on your router. Press the WPS button once and return to your EV charger. Within 2 minutes, press and hold the boost button on your EV charger for approximately 5 seconds until you hear 4 beeps. You should then see the LEDs on your unit change from their current state to flashing orange. Allow the unit some time to establish a connection. During this process, the LEDs on the unit will flash a single white light and the Indra logo will go green for 5 seconds. Please refrain from interrupting this step After approximately 3 minutes, Once the data has caught up, the unit should return to a solid white LED. This indicates that your EV charger has successfully reconnected to the Wi-Fi network. If the process is unsuccessful, please repeat the process or contact Indra.

  • No lights

    The charger has no power. Check the mains wiring and make sure that all connections are correctly plugged in. Check your fuse switches. If the connections are correct and checked twice, contact customer service on 01684 770 631 or via email at [email protected]

+ What does the 'Boost' button do?

You can override your charging schedule and boost charge when you need your EV in a hurry. Boost mode will immediately start charging your EV at full power until your EV stops accepting any more power or until you end the boost session.

Boost mode is handy in case your plans change and you want to top up right away. This might not be the most energy-efficient option on your tariff, but it will be the fastest.

Simply press the ‘Boost’ button on your app or on your charger to start boost mode.

+ Can I turn it off completely?

Turning off your charger

Your charger will be in standby mode when you’re not using it. Standby mode uses less than 5W, which is about the same as what your TV uses on standby. You can turn it off completely at the fuse box, but it’s not necessary or recommended.

+ Is it safe to use in the rain?


Don’t worry if it’s raining outside as your charger has been carefully designed so that it’s completely safe to use, whatever the weather. Our patented technology means the charger protects you from every kind of electrical risk from its use, and is even built to withstand accidental showering from a pressure washer.

+ How do I restart my charger?

If your charger develops a problem, you may need to do a restart, which means turning it off and on again. You can do this at your fuse box or rotary switch. Simply turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and restart.

+ What do I do if I change Wi-Fi router?

  • Press the WPS or Reset button on your new router.
  • Press and hold the boost button on the charger, this will beep a few times – release and wait. There should be a series of lights yellow, orange, green.
  • Please wait, the unit should come back online – it may take a while.

+ Can I use my charger offline (i.e. without an internet connection)?

Yes, all Indra EV Chargers can be used, even when the charger has no internet or WiFi connection. You can press the Boost button on the front of your charger to start a charge.


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