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February 10, 2022

Indra leads smart EV charging revolution

• Core features include smart scheduling, continuous over-the-air (OTA) updates and solar panel integration

• Unrivalled product reliability and competitive 5 year warranty as standard

• Market leading, patented safety features for total home protection

• All products and technology solutions designed, engineered and built in Britain

10 February 2022, Malvern, UK Indra, a smart EV charging and renewable technologies business, is pioneering the future of charging technology with its range of high-quality smart EV chargers that are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Smart by name and smart by nature, Indra’s Smart PRO focuses on intelligent energy optimisation to deliver the best results for the customer and the grid. Thanks to the development of robust technology, clever design and by carefully selecting approved installers, Indra’s home chargers deliver unrivalled product reliability, easy to install and easy to operate.  

Core product features include smart-scheduling, house-fuse protection, solar panel integration and advanced safety features – meaning EV drivers can guarantee safety and optimise utilisation of renewable energy. Continuous OTA updates mean that Indra chargers automatically receive remote software updates to keep getting smarter every day and a five-year warranty is included for additional peace of mind.

All Indra smart chargers feature industry leading, proprietary and patented PESTs™ technology making it the safest EV charger on the market.

Mike Schooling, Indra Founder and Chief Technology Officer comments “I founded Indra with a desire to create the best smart energy products on the market and develop technology that focuses on delivering the most sustainable energy solutions. With industry leading reliability, our high quality EV chargers are not only smart for customers, but deliver maximum results for the grid and minimum impact on the environment.”

Indra’s recently launched Smart Pioneer establishes a further step change in the smart optimisation of EV chargers.  It is the world’s first commercially available V1G product that rewards customers for being flexible with when they charge their EV at home.  

By intelligently managing the charging schedule and shifting up to 80% of energy use to off-peak tariffs, it can lessen demand on the grid and see customer carbon emissions fall by an average of 20%, while saving up to £200 each year, 4 which are redeemable against a variety of member partnerships through Indra’s energy partner app from

Indra’s smart chargers are now in place in thousands of homes and commercial spaces across the UK and have recently been introduced in Australia.    

Founded in 2013, Indra is pioneering technology to make energy smarter.  Alongside its home charger products, Indra developed the world’s first fully certified V2G (Vehicle to Grid) product in 2018. This revolutionary technology is now in use in numerous trials in key markets around the world to study the benefits and use cases of bi-directional energy.  Indra believes that by integrating the car, home and grid, a sustainable energy ecosystem can be achieved.  

Making energy smarter
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