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October 13, 2021

Indra and Charge Fairy win new funding

As a leading EV charger manufacturer, we pride ourselves on investing our time and resources in partnerships which allow us to develop pioneering solutions within the EV space.

We are therefore delighted to announce that our joint project with portable electric charging provider, Charge Fairy, was a successful entrant to the Infrastructure Solutions for Zero-Emission Vehicles competition run by The Department for Transport.

As one of the competition winners, our joint project will receive a share of the Government’s £20M package of funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) in partnership with Innovate UK.

All of the chosen projects will assist in the transition of all new cars and vans to zero emission vehicles by 2035, and the successful entrants will form the largest part of OZEV’s Transitioning Towards Zero Emission Vehicles (TZEV) programme.

Until now, there has been a lack of existing solutions from EV charger companies to support EV ownership for those who do not have off-road parking, but this project has helped to facilitate a unique resolution to this problem.

This new venture capitalises on Indra’s wealth of experience in in-vehicle charging, power electronics and battery technology and employs Charge Fairy’s novel business model and supporting app.

Indra has supported Charge Fairy in creating hardware which enables API vehicle location monitoring and state-of-charge within the new project vehicles. We have also been busy producing a prototype vehicle which has meant Charge Fairy have been able to gather data and support learning on the service.

This new injection of funding will allow us to further refine the vehicle’s design and get two additional vehicles on the road, which will ultimately enable EV ownership for even more drivers.

As an OZEV approved EV charger manufacturer, we’re dedicated to building a greener future through innovative technology, and our experienced engineers are always keen to collaborate on other projects in this space.

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