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April 27, 2023

Indra unveils the new Smart LUX- Redefining the Art of Smart Home Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Stylish and compact, Smart LUX™ is the slimmest EV charger on the market
  • Exceptional durability with class-leading water and dust protection and impact resistance
  • Compatible with all types of tariffs for cheaper, greener charging
  • Available in four contemporary colours to complement any home

Indra has launched its Smart LUX™ EV (electric vehicle) home charger. Developed in-house using Indra’s unrivalled smart charging expertise and experience, the Smart LUX™ has been built with EV drivers in mind.

Complete with all the smart functionality of the Indra Smart PRO, the compact Smart LUX™ comes in a choice of four colours and a unique light sequence that enables users to quickly understand the charger status. Its class-leading features include integration with the cheapest and greenest tariffs, including Type of Use, Time of Use and Agile tariffs with potential annual savings* of up to £830 compared with other home charger brands, and £2,500 when compared with the cost of fuelling a petrol vehicle.

Sleek, slim and stylish

A contemporary and compact design gives the Smart LUX™ a sleek, elegant look. With a profile of just 78mm, it is the slimmest charger on the market, appealing to those seeking a minimalist home aesthetic as well as for installations in narrow driveways or in locations where access is limited. The Smart LUX™ also comes with a choice of 6m or an optional 10m tethered charging lead, giving increased flexibility and access to charging.

Designed to complement any home, the Smart LUX™ is available in four elegant colours (Symphony Black, Indra White, Elgar Grey and Malvern Stone).

Partly inspired by the Latin word for light, the Smart LUX™ has a unique set of light sequences that provide a welcome handshake, allowing users to quickly establish the charger’s status.

Best-in-class hardware

Developed by Indra’s team of UK experts, the Smart LUX™ has been designed to withstand whatever life throws at it and is the only EV charger with an IP67 rating for water and dust protection.

The Smart LUX™ also features a class-leading IK10 impact rating, meaning it’s built to resist the sort of bumps and knocks typical in a family environment. In addition, the Smart LUX™ comes with a five-year warranty.

Best-in-class software

Complementing the sleek design and high-quality hardware, Smart LUX™ is packed with cutting edge technology. Crucially, Smart LUX™ gives users easy access to the greenest and cheapest energy tariffs, enabling them to minimise both their carbon footprint and energy bills.

Compatible with any energy supplier, the Smart LUX™ works seamlessly with Indra’s intuitive app. Putting the full potential of the Smart LUX™ charger in the palm of the user’s hand, the Indra App automatically selects the best time to charge for the lowest costs and greenest energy, and allows drivers to add charge by miles, kW or cost.

Speed, safety and solar

With an ability to charge at 7.4kWh, the Smart LUX™ is one of the fastest domestic smart chargers on the market. This is underlined by the brand’s advanced patent protected PESTs™ (PEN fault, Earthing, Simultaneous Contact and Touch Voltage Protection) technology, which enables the unit to continue to charge safely in more situations than others.

The Smart LUX™ is also solar PV ready and capable of diverting surplus energy from your solar panels into your EV.

Commenting on the new Smart LUX™, Indra’s Founder and Chief Product Officer, Mike Schooling, said:

“The new Smart LUX™ has been designed, developed and engineered in the UK, and is built using our years of knowledge and experience in the smart energy technology business. Its ultra slim design and intuitive technology offers EV drivers the most flexible, high performance and cost-effective charging solution available on the market today.”


Notes to editors.

*Annual savings calculations:

Indra Smart LUX

Total Cost £363.79

OVO Charge Anytime Tariff £0.10kW, cost per mile £0.02 based on a Kia Niro 2 64.8 kWh EV Auto

Other home charger brands

Total Cost £1,193.59

EON Next Flex Tariff DD £0.33kW, cost per mile £0.07 based on a Kia Niro 2 64.8 kWh EV Auto

Petrol model

Total Cost £2,581.39

Unleaded £1.47 litre (source: RAC), cost per mile £0.16 based on a Seat Ateca 1.5TSi EVO FR Edition 5 door DSG

All data correct March 2023. Calculations based on published vehicle data (WLTP mpg).

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