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June 21, 2023

Indra and Mina Form Partnership to Offer Business Billing for Smarter Home Charging

  • Agreement sees full range of Indra’s electric vehicle (EV) smart chargers integrate with Mina’s payment platform for fleet and business customers
  • Mina Homecharge® enables accurate payments direct to domestic energy suppliers for drivers’ work-related charging costs
  • Partnership underlines Indra’s commitment to facilitating energy transition for fleet vehicles

Indra today announces an exciting partnership with Mina, a multi-award winning payment solutions provider for fleet and business EV charging, and part of the Fleetcor group.

Packed with the brand’s advanced technology and engineering know-how, Indra’s Smart PRO and Smart LUX™ EV chargers are both able to integrate with Mina​ Homecharge®, ​ giving businesses and fleet drivers access to industry-leading EV charging solutions with exceptional reliability and unrivalled ease-of-use. Mina’s​ unique technology which tracks and monitors domestic tariff rates​​ ​enabl​es​ ​businesses ​to pay​ for​ their drivers​’ charging costs accurately, and directly to domestic energy suppliers, each month.​ ​ ​

Thanks to Indra’s leading software technology, Mina can set up customer permissions which give access to ​drivers’ home ​charger usage, so that work mileage and related charging costs incurred at home can be paid ​for accurately.​ Equally importantly, businesses are able to quickly, easily and securely track the energy usage, carbon and costs of its fleet vehicles.

Commenting on the partnership with Mina, Leighton King, Chief Commercial Officer at Indra, said:

“I’m delighted to announce this partnership with Mina, which underlines our commitment to offer a feature-rich EV charging solution for business use. Uptime, accuracy and simplicity are core qualities for all fleet managers, who demand the highest quality service, the lowest costs and a guarantee their vehicles are always available. Our integration with Mina means business users can access simple and accurate expense reconciliation with the industry’s most intelligent software and most reliable hardware."

Ashley Tate, CEO at Mina, ​​added:

“Home charging is a game changer for fleets, it has so many benefits including being by far the cheapest way to charge. Having a safe, reliable charger is very important and Indra is one of the best in the market across in both these areas. I’m personally super excited about this partnership as the seamless integration between Mina and Indra’s new driver app has set a new benchmark in user experience.”

Home charging offers ​the most​ convenient​ way​ for employees​ to charge their electric vehicles and​ enabl​es​ businesses to access the lowest EV charging costs, ​typically half that of charging in public,​ often using overnight low-carbon, renewable energy. Using the charger is also straightforward thanks to the intuitive Indra App, which seamless​ly​ links the home charger with the ​driver​’s Mina account.

Future developments will add enhanced functionality, including compatibility of Mina​’s​ RFID cards and the ability to easily identify different company vehicles when they are plugged in, providing businesses with greater visibility of home energy use and costs for its fleets at home.

Thanks to the partnership, Mina can also now offer its customers the option to buy Smart PRO and Smart LUX™ chargers, both of which are designed and built in-house using Indra’s renowned experience in the smart energy business. The Smart LUX™ features a sleek modern design, a choice of four exterior colours and class-leading weather protection while, like the Smart PRO™, allows personal charging schedule, smart off-peak charging to access renewable energy when at its cheapest, solar compatibility and automatic software updates.

With fleets facing a transition to a new energy era as they switch from traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to EVs, Indra is committed to supporting and facilitating that process. Alongside its partnership with Mina, Indra is also in cooperation with fleet managers through its role as associate member Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP).

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