World’s smartest EV charger rewards drivers for greener charging

We’ve teamed up with to launch the INDRA Smart Pioneer – the world’s first EV charger to reward drivers for greener charging.

INDRA Smart Pioneer EV charger
INDRA Smart Pioneer EV charger

As a leading British EV charger manufacturer, we are so excited to be teaming up with software specialists to launch the world’s first EV charger to reward drivers simply for plugging in and charging their car.

Building on the initial success of the INDRA Smart PRO, and leveraging’s software expertise, the industry-leading INDRA Smart Pioneer allows drivers to earn back valuable rewards for their smart charging.

The Smart Pioneer rewards platform automatically taps into the times when energy is at its cheapest, allowing EV owners to claim over £200* per year in energy savings and retail rewards through the new companion app.

By charging at off-peak times, drivers not only save money on their energy bills but can also earn free Amazon™ vouchers, offset their carbon emissions directly in local tree planting projects and gain other members benefits from their smart charging sessions.

As well as giving EV owners the opportunity to save money, the INDRA Smart Pioneer also helps drivers to reduce their environmental impact and lessen demand on the grid by shifting 80% of energy use to off-peak tariffs. On average, customer carbon emissions fall by 20% with the Smart Pioneer.

With an extended 5-year warranty, the Smart Pioneer also offers all the same benefits as the INDRA Smart PRO, including smart-scheduling, house-fuse protection, solar panel integration and advanced safety features – meaning EV drivers can guarantee safety and ultimate utilisation of renewable energy.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our EV chargers themselves, and we also uphold extremely high standards when it comes to our installer network.

INDRA’s founder and chief technology officer, Mike Schooling, says: “The launch of the Smart Pioneer is a step change in the smart optimisation of EV chargers and will be the world’s first commercially available V1G product that rewards customers for being flexible with when they charge their EV at home.

“This is not just an exciting step for INDRA but also sets the precedent for the future of the entire EV charging industry. We are excited to be partnering with on the Smart Pioneer to bring this game changing product to market.”

Nick Wooley, CEO at, says: “We’ve admired INDRA for a really long time, they have a fantastic history of building great products so we’re really excited to be partnering to bring even more drivers cheaper, greener EV charging.”

The INDRA Smart Pioneer will be unveiled to the public for the first time at Fully Charged LIVE, and will be available to purchase through Indra’s approved installer partners. Visitors to Fully Charged LIVE can find INDRA on stand D36.

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