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February 27, 2022

Everything you need to know about changes to the OZEV grant

With the UK moving towards a ban on sales of all non-zero-emission vehicles by 2030, demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV chargers is on the rise.

Right now, all homeowners can take advantage of the OZEV grant to help offset the cost of installing an EV charger, including our Indra Smart PRO and Pioneer chargers. After 1st April 2022, however, those with off-street parking will no longer be eligible for the grant. Most landlords, tenants and small business owners, on the other hand, will still be able to claim the OZEV grant.

Feeling confused about the upcoming changes? You’re not alone, which is why we’ve put together this Q&A outlining all you need to know about the OZEV grant and what the upcoming changes to the scheme mean for homeowners, landlords and small business owners.

What is the OZEV grant and am I eligible?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles grant (also known as the OZEV grant) is a special government initiative to support the transition to zero emission transport.

Formerly known as the OLEV grant, EV drivers who are eligible for the OZEV scheme can claim up to 75% towards the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point (up to a maximum of £350).

To meet grant requirements, your vehicle must have been approved as an ultra-low emission vehicle by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. You can view the full list of eligible vehicles here.

How do I claim the OZEV grant?

You can’t apply for the OZEV grant yourself, and if you’re eligible you’ll need to make a claim through an OZEV-approved installer. EV charge point installers can apply for OZEV authorisation using the government’s online portal.

Once you’ve contacted an installer, they’ll ask you to prove that you meet the OZEV grant requirements before starting the application process. Then, when your application has been approved, your installer will deduct the OZEV grant from your final invoice.

At Indra, our nationwide community of installers are all OZEV-approved, so they can support you every step of the way.

What is changing to the OZEV grant?

The Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles has announced that the OZEV grant scheme will be moving to a new online system this year, which will replace the paper-based process that currently exists. But as well as changes to the way the application process works, there are also changes coming to the eligibility criteria.

This new legislation comes into effect on 1st April 2022, and will have big implications for homeowners, landlords and small business owners alike.

What does this mean for homeowners?

From Friday1st April 2022, homeowners with off-street parking will no longer be eligible for the OZEV grant. This means that 31st March is the final day installations under the current criteria can take place.

People who rent their homes or live in flats will still be able to apply for the OZEV grant after this date.

And what about for landlords?

While the scheme might be ending for homeowners in April, social housing providers and owners of apartment blocks will be eligible for an Electric Vehicle Home Scheme grant.

This is all part of the government’s mission to put the responsibility of installing EV charge points on house builders and residential property owners, rather than on the tenants of said properties.

I’m a small business owner – what does this mean for me?

If you own an SME, charity, commercially let premises or small accommodation business, there are also changes coming into effect that will impact you.

In a bid to improve accessibility to EV charge points, property owners who fall into one of these groups will be able to claim money towards electric vehicle chargers that will be used by guests visiting the premises.

Why is an Indra EV charger the Smart choice for those looking to take advantage of the OZEV grant?

Choosing the right charger for your electric vehicle is almost equally as important as choosing the right car. And although they may all serve the same purpose, not all EV chargers are built the same.

When you opt for a smart EV charger like the Indra Smart Pro or Smart Pioneer, you can relaxin the knowledge that you can charge and go whenever you need to, as well as being able to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs and other smart functionality.

From app control to charging flexibility, find out more about the benefits of our Indra Smart EV chargers here.

While OZEV applications are usually processed within 30 days, demand is at an all-time high due to the upcoming changes to legislation, so… if you’re a homeowner looking to take advantage of the OZEV grant, you might want to charge ahead with your plans!

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