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Smart by name. Smart by nature. The innovative home EV charger made in Britain.

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A smarter way to enjoy a cheaper, faster and more convenient charging experience

The Smart PRO is the smartest electric vehicle charger available on the market. Chock-full of the latest smart features, this innovative EV charger brings you cheaper, faster and more advanced charging.
The British-made Smart PRO EV charger enables you to take advantage of the lowest-cost electricity from your supplier and free power from your rooftop solar without buying an add-on kit.
There's no need to worry about your EV charger tripping your house fuse or compromising on a limited charging speed. We've squeezed all the latest safety features inside the Smart PRO, so you can say goodbye to extra boxes, fuses and cables cluttering your house.
You’ll also have the power to check your status, update preferences and track your charging history directly from your phone with the beautiful Indra App.

Smart PRO features

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App control

Take control of your EV charger via the Indra App. Check your status, update preferences and track your charging history from your mobile phone.

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House fuse protection

Don’t worry about blowing a fuse. You can dynamically change the maximum power to your EV charger depending on what else is being used in your home.

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Off-peak charging

Add your electricity tariff details in the Indra App and your electric car will automatically be charged at the cheapest times to keep your energy bill down.

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Weather protected

Come rain or shine, this small, eco-smart EV charger can handle the elements and continue to perform at optimum level all-year-round.

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Continuous updates

Thanks to our over-the-air (OTA) updates, your Smart PRO will automatically receive remote software updates to keep it getting smarter every day.

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Smart scheduling

The Smart PRO automatically generates a personal charging schedule each time you plug-in based on your preferences to ensure you’re always topped up.

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Solar charging

As a solar compatible EV charger, you can utilise your free green electricity from your solar panels to power your electric vehicle.

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Quick boost

Plans changed? The Smart PRO Boost feature lets you temporarily override your schedule to get your car fully charged as soon as possible.

Why choosing our Smart PRO EV charger makes sense?

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Take advantage of the lowest cost electricity price from your energy supplier or the even cheaper (free) power from your rooftop solar without buying add-on kit

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No more worrying about your EV tripping your house fuse or compromising on a limited (“derated” in technical jargon) charging speed

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More convenient

See your status, update preferences and track charging history from your mobile phone app.

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Less mess

The minimum number of boxes, fuses and cables cluttering your house walls, but still meeting OLEV grant requirements

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What our customers say

I have had the Smart Pro charger for around 4 months now, I think it is one of the better looking charge points on the market and whilst all the features haven't been released yet, the plans for tariff and solar matching together looks great.


The Smart Pro charges my BMW i3s overnight every time without fail. I love how easy it is to change my schedule and see how much carbon I am saving - as well as future updates. ChargedEV were great every step of the way too - wouldn't hesitate to recommend!


I have had the Smart Pro charger now for 6 months and it is amazing it's so easy to use the app is so useful. I love being able to set the schedule for when I need my car charged by and the boost function is great for when I need a quick top up. Brilliant product.


From start to finish, it was an excellent experience. I am over the moon with the charger and the customer experience was one of my favourites. Top work all round. Ps, the charger looks great on the side of my house!


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The Smart Pro EV charger is compatible with any car

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