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June 15, 2022

Mobilize power solutions in partnership with indra

London, 15 June 2022

A new partnership between Mobilize Power Solutions UK and Indra will provide electric vehicle drivers access to the Mobilize Home Charger - the UK’s most comprehensive home charging solution, which includes Indra’s Smart PRO intelligent home unit, fitting by PlugMeIn - a nationwide OZEV approved installation team, fully supported start-to-finish customer journey, industry leading 5-year warranty and flexible finance options.

As part of Renault Group, Mobilize Power Solutions with Indra can use their experience to align its smart home charging solution with vehicle technology, whilst ensuring the customer benefits from convenience and control. Unlike common industry practice, customers also receive a physical on-site survey from Plug Me In to ensure the installation will be carried out smoothly. What’s more, now the Government grant for home charging is limited to tenants in rental properties or homeowners living in flats, Mobilize Power Solutions is working with its finance partner, Mobilize Financial Services, to develop flexible payment options that help spread the cost of the installation and charger.

The complete Mobilize Home Charger solution costs £1,170 and includes:

• A physical on-site survey with an experienced surveyor

• Liaison with the local energy distribution network operator - to ensure the house has compatible electrics

• Working with the customer to ensure the unit is installed on a convenient date and in a suitable location

• A physical on-site survey with an experienced surveyor

• Installation by PlugMeIn, nationwide OZEV approved engineers

• Final commissioning with certification

• An easy-to-use smart app that provides the customer with a number of valuable, intelligent functions including - smart scheduling for off peak charging and tariff optimisation, monitoring consumption, boost override for immediate charging and even accurate calculations of energy costs using live tariff data

• Five-year warranty, exceeding the three-year industry standard

The partnership will also support Renault UK’s launch of its Megane E-Tech 100% electric vehicle; however the Mobilize Home Charger home solution is available to all of Renault’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle customers, including businesses who want to provide home charging to employees. In addition, Mobilize Power Solutions’ technology and expertise is accessible to other car manufacturer customers.

PlugMeIn, who are part of Calisen, have been selected as the fulfilment partner. As Government approved charge point installers, PlugMeIn will ensure customers receive an initial face to face home electrics assessment and so are not responsible for sending photos and information themselves. This eliminates wasted time and incorrect information being provided, so it significantly reduces the time from enquiry to commissioning, compared to the industry norm. Mark Dickens, Managing Director of Mobilize Power Solutions UK, comments: “Our partnership with Indra means that together we can offer electric vehicle drivers the UK’s ‘smartest’ home charging solution. Our choice to collaborate with Indra was its ability to support next generation electric vehicles with technology that is compatible with longer range battery options. With the addition of an easy-to-use app, customers can control their charging and energy consumption from any smart device. In addition, functionality in the app not only helps measure total cost of ownership but assists with regulating energy bills.”

Mark continues:
“Mobilize Power Solutions chose Indra not only because it provides the smartest solution on the market today, but because it’s continuously researching new ways of balancing the cost of running an electric vehicle, whilst enhancing the customer experience. This combined with our knowledge of the electric vehicle sector and the charging infrastructure means that we are confident our offering is ahead of other home charging solutions on the market.”

Leighton King, Chief Commercial Officer at Indra, comments:
“We are delighted to be chosen as Mobilize Power Solutions’ home charging partner, so together we are able to offer customers a seamless vehicle and home charging experience.  Indra’s technology has been through UK and Renault’s rigorous testing to ensure it exceeds standards in sustainability, safety, ease of use and innovation. Furthermore, with industry leading reliability, our high-quality EV chargers are not only smart for customers but deliver maximum results for the grid and minimum impact on the environment.

“Indra’s pioneering development of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) bi-directional energy technology demonstrates our commitment to provide the smartest and most sustainable charging solutions in the future too.”

For more information on the Mobilize Home Charger please visit: or go to to start your Mobilize Home Charger installation journey.

For more information about all of Mobilize Power Solutions advanced EV charging, please go to or

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