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Buy your Smart PROs through our exclusive partner, Replenishh

Indra has teamed up with leading EV wholesalers Replenishh so you can now buy Indra products in single or multiple units.

Indra - Buy your Smart PROs through our exclusive partner, Replenishh Hero
For larger wholesale orders, please directly and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements

INDRA partnership with Replenishh

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We’ve designed our Indra smart EV chargers with installers in mind, so you can fit right with ease first time, every time.
We believe house-fuse protection should be standard, which is why we have built it into every one of our smart chargers. And we understand the issues from nuisance tripping, so our proprietary and patented PEST control comprises best-in-class technology for PEN faults, Earthing faults, Simultaneous contact risks and Touch voltage risks.
When you add this to our world-leading R&D programme and dynamic load balancing technology, it’s easy to see how our chargers are the most reliable option on the market.
Our smart chargers also come complete with a cellular, 4G dongle and hardwired connectivity options, offering you the most flexible installation methods in the UK. That means you will be able to complete your install in up to five times more circumstances than other charger points.
And, as the only EV Charging company to have remote diagnostics with our dedicated charging app, you can rest assured that we’re using the smartest technology to help our customers and support your callout times.

The easiest way to get your hands on an INDRA Smart PRO

Installer businesses of all sizes can now access Indra’s award-winning home charging technology.

Single unit/low volume units can be ordered through our exclusive partnership with industry-leading EV charging distributor Replenishh.

See our current approved nationwide installers here.

How it works

Visit the Replenishh website and create an account before making a purchase.
Please ensure you have the correct training for installing the INDRA Smart PRO charge point.
Once you have training and an account, visit the shop, use the configuator and select the INDRA Smart PRO 7.4W charge point.
When you have selected the Smart PRO charge point, make sure select your add ons.
 Indra Smart PRO
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Indra Smart PRO
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 Indra Smart PRO
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