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Vehicle-to-Grid charger

Reduce your energy bills and support a low carbon future with the world’s first domestic V2G charger.

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The way we plan to keep your wheels turning and the planet spinning

Currently in development our Vehicle-to-Grid charger is a revolutionary bi-directional intelligent charger for electric cars based on the CHAdeMO protocol.
Utilising Vehicle-to-Grid technology allows your electric vehicle to store energy and discharge back to the electricity grid when it needs it most – i.e. during peak times when the UK is using the most electricity.
The idea of Vehicle-to-Grid charging is similar to smart charging in the sense that it enables you to increase and decrease the charging of your electric car, depending on when you need to use it.
However, V2G also allows the power accumulated to be temporarily sent back to the grid from your car battery to balance out energy production and consumption differences.
The V2G charger’s two-way method of distributing energy is an eco-friendly solution designed to reduce CO2 emissions, stabilise the grid and support a more renewable future.
Using this product benefits your back pocket too. It offers the same low running costs as a smart EV charger and can cut your energy bills.

Why our V2G charger makes sense

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Greener and cheaper

Charge your electric car and supply energy from the vehicle to the grid or your home for a more cost-effective, eco-friendly way of living.

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Innovative features

This powerful V2G charger includes industry-leading, innovative features and will run automatic software updates over the air to keep the technology ahead of the curve.

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British quality

We proudly design, manufacture and support the V2G charger from our HQ in beautiful Malvern, Worcestershire. For peace of mind, you also get a 3-year warranty as standard.

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Everything in one

Forget extra boxes, fuses and cables cluttering your house, we’ve squeezed everything you need to charge your electric vehicle and power the grid inside the V2G. It even has built-in cable storage.

V2G charger features

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App control

Take control of your V2G charger via the INDRA App. Schedule charging, update preferences and track your charging history from your mobile phone.

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Fully certified

Our V2G charger is Nissan Approved and CHAdeMO certified.

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Weather protected

Come rain or shine, this small, V2G charger can handle the elements and continue to perform at an optimum level all year round.

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Continuous updates

Thanks to our over-the-air (OTA) updates, your V2G charger will automatically receive remote software updates to ensure you always have the latest features.

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Power the building

You can provide energy to an electric vehicle and supply energy from the vehicle to the grid or a building.

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Energy-efficient storage

Store energy in your vehicle for use later, saving on energy costs, reducing CO2 emissions, and managing your demand profile.

The V2G charger is being designed to be compatible with any electric car

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