A charging partner you can trust

It’s really quite simple. As your chosen partner, we’ll supply outstanding products and service, which you’ll know you can rely on.

We work with some of the worlds most innovative brands

The perfect partnership

It’s really quite simple. As your chosen partner, we’ll supply outstanding products and service, which you’ll know you can rely on.

That means happy customers for you - not to mention peace of mind. Could this be the perfect partnership?

Speak to our partnership manager and find out what we could do for you.

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Why work with Indra?

Safe hands on the wheel

We’ve been at the forefront of the UK charger industry since 2013, which means we understand your needs and have the proven expertise and experience you can trust. We’re already partnering successfully with one major car brand, and there’s more in the pipeline.

Best-in-class products and service

Our innovative, reliable hardware and software are already a hit with end users. They love that we offer a complete charging solution including installation, and our UK-based support team delivers exceptional customer service. 

Deliver at scale

We value our commitment to our partners and work to the highest standards. It’s important to us to meet or exceed your every expectation, building personal relationships along the way. With our design, R&D, engineering and manufacturing operations based in the UK, we’re ready to scale as soon 
as you are. 

The incredible possibilities for smart chargers

Hold onto your hats. Smart charging is about to change the world.

At Indra, we’ll soon be launching technology that will allow your EV to act like a battery for your home. It will be able to store spare energy from sustainable sources (like solar) and release it back for you to use whenever you need it.

You might even be able to sell your energy back to the grid, and earn money from your EV. That’s pretty cool, right?

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Mobilize Power Solutions chose Indra not only because it provides the smartest solution on the market today, but because it’s continuously researching new ways of balancing the cost of running an electric vehicle, whilst enhancing the customer experience. This, combined with our knowledge of the electric vehicle sector and charging infrastructure, means that we are confident our offering is ahead of other home charging solutions on the market.
Mark Dickens, Managing Director of Mobilize Power Solutions UK

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