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March 20, 2022

5 EV Charging myths debunked for homeowners

So, we’ve debunked some common EV misconceptions to help you charge ahead with confidence.

1. It’s difficult to switch to an EV and install a home charger

While some may think switching to an EV can be a big, complicated affair, in actual fact, it couldn’t be easier. Of course, changing to an EV can be a big lifestyle change that might seem scary at first, but once you’ve made the decision, you’ll never look back.

We have an army of trained INDRA-recommended installers who are also OZEV approved and ready to help you choose and install the right INDRA smart EV charger to meet your needs. Watch our latest video with Nikki Dean to find out how to get an INDRA EV charger installed in your home.

INDRA’s Smart PRO chargers not only look great, they’re packed with smart tech features to help you save money by charging at off-peak times and also even help the Grid manage energy demand.

Visit our beginners guide to EV Charging to find out more.

 2. An EV charger is hard to use

If you’re a control freak, you’ve come to the right place. Smart EV charging puts you in the driving seat when it comes to managing your energy.

INDRA’s EV chargers come with dedicated, easy-to-use apps designed to help you set your charging goals, such as when you want your car ready by, while the smart tech takes care of the scheduling details for you. There is also a boost function to make sure you’re always ready to go if plans change.

3. EV drivers can never find a place to charge

With an EV charger, you don’t need to drive to a station to fill up your car. By installing a home charger, you not only beat the queues, but can also save time and money by plugging in your car and setting it to charge when is best for you and the Grid.

With most drivers travelling less than 30 miles a day, INDRA believes around 80% of all charging can be done on your doorstep, so you may need to invent a new excuse for impulse snack purchases!

4. Electric cars take along time to charge

Having an EV doesn’t mean that it takes a long time to charge your car. INDRA chargers deliver a 7kWh charge, so a smaller 30kWh vehicle will take around 4 hours to charge.

It’s important to note, though, that your car doesn’t need to be fully charged at all times as, in reality, it just needs to be ready for when you need it. And with most people using their cars for short, local trips, you’re unlikely to use a full charge for your journey.

Our INDRA chargers are safe and reliable to use and provide a steady rate of energy for home charging. Charging times are optimised through your charging app so you can take advantage of off-peak tariffs whilst also helping the Grid avoid peak demand spikes.

For times when you need a quick boost of energy, the Smart PRO Boost feature lets you temporarily override your smart schedule to get your car fully charged as soon as possible.

5. Switching to an EV is expensive

We all know that EV chargers can help save the planet, but did you know they can save you money too?

Our INDRA smart chargers are designed to optimise your charging schedule so that you can take advantage of off-peak tariffs, and those who travel greater distances can reap even more rewards from their INDRA Smart Pioneer charger.

By automatically tapping into the times when energy is at its cheapest, EV owners can drive down their energy costs by as much as £200* per year and Smart Pioneer users can also bag some great retail vouchers through the companion app.

*Users who are on a variable rate energy tariff (Time-of-Use plan) and enable Smart Charging allows to analyse the UK Grids energy demand forecasts and carbon intensity forecast alongside your energy tariff to optimise charging of your EV. Using’s technology will automatically charge during off-peak and the lowest cost hours when the demand for energy is low to help you save money. Between January 2020 and December 2020, we recorded users on a Time of Use Tariff saving an average of £200 a year on their energy bills from energy automatically shifted from on-peak hours to off-peak hours.

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