Mina provides Indra's EV chargers with business billing.

About Indra's partnership with Mina

The agreement sees full range of Indra’s electric vehicle (EV) smart chargers integrate with Mina’s payment platform for fleet and business customers. Using Mina Homecharge® drivers will be able to get accurate payments direct to domestic energy suppliers for their work-related charging costs.


About Mina

Mina is a multi award-winning payment solution for EV charging and is the UK’s only platform which allows fleet and business electric vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, resulting in a single monthly invoice for the business.

Powering some of the largest fleets in the UK, Mina’s unique solution means drivers don’t ever have to pay upfront for their EV charging costs and businesses don’t have to rely on the inaccuracies in the Government's Advisory Electricity Rate as a way of reimbursing them.

Instead, with Mina Homecharge®, EV charging costs consumed at home are paid accurately and direct to each employee’s energy supplier, and when charging on the road with a Mina Chargepass®, employees have access to the UK’s fastest EV charging network dedicated to businesses - including all charge points within the Allstar network.

Businesses are able to see key insights including carbon intensity and emissions, cost per kWh, location and duration of each charge across their fleet in our easy to use Fleet Portal. This makes paying for EV charging transparent, accurate and simple for employers and employees.

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