EV charger installer guide

Installer specifications

Find all the installer specifications you should be considering before installing our Smart PRO 7kW home charger.

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Making the EV charger installation process simple

To tap into all the intelligent features of the Smart PRO type 2 EV charger, it must be installed properly.
Luckily, the process is effortless. Our 7kW EV charger is simple to understand, straightforward to use and even easier to install. You’ll find all the electrical and general specifications every OZEV approved installer and Smart PRO owner needs to think about below.
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Smart PRO installer specifications

See the Smart PRO EV charger product specifications

To learn more about the specifications of our smart electric car charger, read our EV charger product guide.
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 Indra Smart PRO
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Indra Smart PRO
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 Indra Smart PRO
 Indra EV Charger
The Smart PRO EV charger is compatible with any electric car
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