Indra launches range of second-life smart EV Chargers

The range of second-life smart EV Chargers are available for local charity organisations

 Indra Smart PRO
 Indra Smart PRO

Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charger and energy technology company, INDRA, has launched a special range of its Smart PRO EV chargers for charity and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The second-life chargers are manufactured from refurbished ‘no-fault’ units that have been returned to the business but are fully functional. These refurbished smart chargers come with the same level of intelligent technology features and three-year warranty as the standard Smart PRO chargers. Available only to charity and NFP organisations, the units offer a saving of £275 per unit for tethered chargers, compared to brand new units.

INDRA, which is based in Malvern, has also teamed up with Worcester-based installer, Rollings EV, to offer a further £50 discount on the installation of the special chargers.

“We are committed to driving positive environmental change and supporting our local community,” comments Mike Schooling, founder and chief technology officer at INDRA.

“Although we only have a very small number of returned units, we wanted to ensure that we’re able to maximise the use of these returned smart chargers, which function as well as brand new ones. The second-life chargers help us to both reduce unnecessary waste and provide local charity and NFP organisations with more affordable access to the latest Smart EV charging technology.”

INDRA’s Smart PRO charger is designed to help EV drivers charge their vehicles from home at off peak times, giving them access to cheaper energy and helping to balance the load on the Grid. The chargers are also solar compatible, enabling homeowners to use free green electricity from their home solar panels to help power their cars.

In addition to exclusive access to the second-life Smart PRO chargers, local charities and NFP organisations can also benefit from a special charity discount of up to £75 on new Smart PRO units.

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 Indra Smart PRO
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Indra Smart PRO
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 Indra Smart PRO
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