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EV charger installation course

Our installer network is a vital part of our journey to contribute to a net zero future with our smart EV charging solutions. That’s why we’re committed to making sure our installers have the best resources available to install Indra chargers with confidence.
We’ve teamed up with leading electrician media platform, eFIXX, to create a range of installer training videos delivered by expert trainer and eFIXX presenter Joe Robinson. What’s more, we’ve worked in close collaboration with the platform to develop a CPD course on electric vehicle charging installation.
Check out the videos below and find out how to sign up to our CPD course in association with eFIXX today.

How to install an Indra Smart PRO EV Charger

If you’re an experienced and qualified electrician, join Joe as he shares everything you need to know when installing an Indra Smart PRO charger, including the type of charger to choose.

How to set up your Indra Smart PRO EV Charger

In our second video with eFIXX, you can learn how to set up your Indra EV Charger to comply with different situations and why the earthing arrangements for an EV Charger are critical.

How to connect and commission your Indra Smart PRO EV Charger

With the OZEV grant, it’s important that EV Chargers are connected to the internet. Watch our third video where Joe shares the types of cables you need and how to connect to a power supply.

Common questions and installations tips about the Indra Smart PRO EV Charger

Joe has shared everything from mounting to commissioning your charger, and in our last video Joe answers common installation questions, including what the LEDs mean on the front panel.

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