3 reasons why INDRA chargers are the smart choice for installers

We designed our EV chargers with installers in mind, so they’re not just smart for homeowners — they’re smart for you too. Here’s three reasons why you should choose INDRA chargers for your next install…

INDRA EV charger
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1. Most reliable EV charger on the market

INDRA smart EV chargers are built to the highest possible standards, with higher in-built protection against PEN faults, simultaneous touch and earthing issues than any other product on the market.

Plus, our chargers have the highest hardware reliability rating, so you can fit and forget every time.

2. Easiest chargers to install

Our chargers are designed to be easy to fit, with lever terminal connectors that require fewer tools to install. In addition, INDRA EV chargers are built to the highest British Standard 7671, enabling installers to complete installation against 4/5 idents and dramatically reducing the risk of aborted installations.

INDRA’s inbuilt product flexibility also means you don’t need to do an in-person site survey ahead of installation, as most common installation risks (such as simultaneous touch) can be mitigated during the installation process.

3. We support you all the way

All INDRA smart EV chargers come complete with a range of installer resources, including an easy-to-follow installation guide, product information and trouble-shooting tips.

What’s more, we provide installers with high quality training on how to install our products. Our dedicated and highly trained in-house customer services team are also on hand to help you make your installation a success every time.

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